The Palest Light is a platform to show the work of artists I have met in London and Internationally whose work expands the notion of choreography. Each version of The Palest Light takes a different concept and although choreography is at the heart of the project, it has always been crucial for me to include sound, video and live art. I look at art works through a choreographic lens and as much as it is important for me to get influences from other media, I also placed importance on the visibility of choreography as an artform of its own.

One of the ideas I emphasize the most is related to politics that involve the relationship between the audience and the performers. I am interested to challenge the long established protocols and experiment with how new propositions make us experience art/life and the opportunity to have a collective moment. One of my strategies is to change the configuration of the use of the space, so from the first edition I removed the sitting area and placed the audience at the centre of the room. I try to create a soft environment, bringing plants to the space, low light in order to create an environment where people might feel like sitting in the floor, sharing a rug with a stranger and leaving and entering the space as their wish.