The Palest Light #1

A new night of performance at TripSpace Projects. Throughout the night there will be live performances, including dance, music and video. None of those will be announce but we will rather relax, observe things emerge and mix together.. Exploring choreography as an extended practice. In The Palest Light there is no separation between performers and spectator. We are together on this, so come over!

Immerse in the performance of inhabiting TripSpace.
Time flows forward and backwards.
Let us hang out in here...
where there is no separation between you and me.
Sometimes the Palest Light is the brightest!


Rosalie Wahlfrid
Keith Lim
Deniz Unal
Antje Hildebrandt
Hart and Hader
Laura Doelher
Anastasia Freygang
Pepa Ubera

Followed by a Party! Two secret Djs will make us dance until we invoke each and every Palest Light!!