The Palest Light #3

Join us for the third Palest Light! A night of contemporary performance at TripSpace.

Throughout the night there will be live performances, including dance, live art, music, video and social interventions. This Palest Light edition takes the opportunity to explore different ways to inhabit it's regular venue.

If there is no imposed sitting area, can we walk, run, stay still? how does attention wander in the space?
Does the mind identify the infinite sorts of relations?
Endless choreographies.
Here you are never on the spot Light.
The Palest Light explores performance as a production of life rather than a representation of this one.
None of the performances are announced and the idea is to let the elements emerge and mix together in one continuous stream of events.


Charlotte Ashwell. Becoming Witch. Experimenting with rituals of sensational dancing might be the only way forward for the exhausted freelance dance artist. Who is the dance witch and what will become of her and us?

Tania Soubry and Nuno Brito with Beat'n'shine. An unfolding of a movement and musical creation, looking at
the multiple possible relationships between the audible and the visual. A gradual rhythmical journey in time and space.

Charlie Hope & Soren Vinson. .... . .-.. .-.. ---. A performance on Post-Human intercepted mobile communication.

"Movie Moves" After presenting a body-based interactive game at Pick Me Up 2014 (Somerset House), creative duo Marquez&Zangs bring the fun to TripSpace. In Movie Moves the audience is invited to guess the titles of four movies by getting into bodies outlined on the walls..

VALENTINE. Video: Mona Mock/ Direction: Maria Sideri and Mona Mock.

Recorded Music by POLBRONE.