The Palest Light #5

THE PALEST LIGHT a night of Contemporary performance is back after a summer break. As usual there will be choreography, video, live art, music and social interventions.

After days of light and sun THE PALEST LIGHT #5 focuses on performances that examine stereotypes of gender and sexuality. How do we hold the body in relation to our gender, what do we communicate through these restrictions, and what feedback do we receive from others?

Looking at mainstream pop culture and how this unavoidable information affects the landscape of our bodies and the ways we interact with others.

Palest as the weakest as strongest ways of being
Palest as the undefined
Expansion of shades
Palest as different ways of thinking
Palest as the softest opposition
Softest ways of resistance
Palest as the other states of life and performance
Palest ways of transforming contexts

Its soft rays expand the idea of gender freedom and are dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming and transgender people, images and experiences. Highlighting the power of performance as a social encounter and a specific REAL TIME action.


Immigrants and Animals (Jamila Johnson-Small and Mira Kautto) presents Laura Laura and William William Are In Love

Nicolas Kasinos presents Courage in the face of reality

Azahara Ubera & Pepa Ubera presents MAMUT

Joss Carter presents Misery Flesh