The Palest Light #6

The Palest Light, a night of contemporary performance is back after a long hibernation period- it needed time to understand stillness and nothingness.

This 6th edition takes a different shape, this time in partnership with Sadler's Wells where it has been invited as a Wild Card event to take over the Lilian Baylis Studio.

It is an invitation to explore ideas of being together and sharing a physical space at a time when the fictional has become more relevant in our lives.

Featuring live performane, sound and video. It will include a performance of Togethering by thought-provoking French choreographer Alice Chauchat, a sound bath experience to activate your senses by Marco Florio, an intervention by Deniz Unal and a performance by Ubera herself in collaboration with Josefina Camus and sound artist Simone Salvatici in Ellipsis Land.

The Palest Light is a get together: it wants to flex your mind and sharpen your attention while taking you into a space where choreography expands to unexpected realms.

The Palest Light
Still for a long time the palest light came back
Thinking of emptiness as silence and holding nothing we find each other again

The Palest Light was dreaming of ways of navigating times
imagining the colourful threads that invisibly connect us all...
Palest lights leading into bright darkness
slowly moving together.


- Polbrone, pre-show activity 7:30 - 8pm

Polbrone is a new music project of brothers Andrea Salvatici and Simone Salvatici (Clorinde). Their music fluctuates between musical improvisation, sound exploration and evolving drones. Polbrone like contrasting effects, melodies that gradually destroy and decay, combining acoustic instruments with digital processing.

- Alice Chauchat with Togethering, a group solo. 8:00 - 8:40pm

Alice Chauchat is a Berlin-based choreographer, dancer, assistant, teacher, mentor, etc. She's been mostly working in collaborative set-ups, developing numerous choreographic projects and platforms for knowledge production and exchange in the performing arts (,, etc.). 2010-2012 she was part of the artistic co-direction for Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, a center for artistic research in the Parisian suburbs. Collaboration (and so negotiating distance, alterity, de-centering etc.) has been a recurrent reality and growing concern of her work.

- Marco Florio with Sound Bath. 8:40 - 9pm

Marco Florio achieved a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2013. He has been into sound in many ways since a very young age playing in rock Indi bands, making electronic computer based projects, being a dj and a radio broadcaster. For the therapeutic sound and for soundscapes he uses ancient organic instruments like the Gong, the Himalayan bowls and Crystal bowls. He is based in London where is active playing Sound Bath and Soundscapes.


Deniz Unal is currently working on a series entitled Health-E, which looks at the role of Mainstream Healthcare and the Biomedical model of Western Medicine- its procedures and ideologies that govern and exert power over the individual. She has been looking specifically at female autobiographical writing on illness as a framework to access this study.

- Josefina Camus & Pepa Ubera with Ellipsis Land. Sound in collaboration with Simone Salvatici 9:10 - 9:40pm

Josefina Camus is a Chilean dancer and choreographer. With studies in literature and dance, she has developed her experience in dance, performance and visual arts in different countries, collaborating with local artists. Regarding live performances in Chile she did among others Distancia 100 (2009) and La Fiesta de los Canibales (2012). In 2013 she moved to Paris, where she has been creating different projects as DĂ©mensions (2013-2014), Silenthingks (1014) and Pair cussives (2015). Since 2014 she collaborates with the choreographer Pepa Ubera (ES, UK), currently working in the project Ellipsis Land. Josefina is now finishing her Master in Dance in Paris 8.

Simone Salvatici is an Italian, London based, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer, whose music has been often associated with the Folk-tronic, Minimalist, Ambient and Experimental. Co-former of Clorinde and subsequently Polbrone, his compositions are characterised by contrasting elements such as movement and stability, organic elements and processed sounds, melodies and noisy interferences, tight cyclic structures and free form, resulting in a fragile balance between two polarities continuously evolving.

All images by Jesus Ubera

Concept and Curation: Pepa Ubera
Production: Robyn Cabaret & Pepa Ubera
Lighting design: Antony Hateley
Dramaturgical support: Eva Martinez & Robyn Cabaret
Advisor: Nikki Tomlinson
Photos: Jesus Ubera
Video: Tanc Newbury
Coproduced and supported by: Arts Council of England & Sadler's Wells Theatre