The Palest Light #2

Join us for the second Palest Light night at TripSpace! It is a very special occasion as the 8th of March is International women's day! Come and celebrate, discuss, relax and be contaminated by wonderful female artists! We encourage all our male friends and colleagues to come along and build an open community, where we can share, dance, discuss anything we like, have fun...

Throughout the night there will be live performances, including dance, music and video. Exploring choreography as an extended practice. None of these performances will be announced as the idea is to let the elements emerge and mix together in one continuous stream of events.


Both Hands by Serena Lee

Pretty Ugly by Louise Orwin.

Interrupted. A series of interventions by Alice Tatge & Pepa Ubera

Conversations in the Air by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome with Rosalie Wahlfrid

Dance like your mother is watching by Mira Kautto.