The Palest Light #4

Join us for the fourth Palest Light! A night of contemporary performance at TripSpace.

The 4th Palest light focuses on collaborations and how do we perform for the other, what is the roll of the audience and what responsibility we share when occupying the same space. Unlike the other Palest Lights this one will not have anything else apart from live art and Choreography. The Palest Light believes in the power of performance in a thinking-dreaming-interactive community.

Immerse in the performance of inhabiting TripSpace.
Time flows forward and backwards.
Let us hang out in here...
where there is no separation between you and me.
Sometimes the Palest Light is the brightest!


In and Out of Context by Pepa Ubera. Concept and videos by Pepa Ubera in collaboration with Alice Tatge and original soundtrack by Simone Salvatici.

In and Out of Context is a poetic dialogue between the actions of the human body, our intentions and how different internal or external factors modify and influence the meaning of them. Looking at how the body expresses and intentions unfold directly or indirectly through moment to moment body articulation. Is it possible to highlight or be aware of these relations and the layers of meaning they provide.

Strategy to Unread by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome & Ina Dokmo with sound by Nena Zinovieff.

In this performance we will present the second phase of our current research into the Zen and Myofascial meridians. While questioning aliens within and contacting multiple interests, how do organisms move in and out of intertwined worlds of unity and separation?

The death of the audience (death in progress) by Bruno Humberto

A performance about the nature of spectatorship - the expectations, roles and relationships that we mount in any type of spectacle. The first version (death in progress) of a new show that uses action-based performance, dance, video, poetry and sound, for an entertaining and absurd broken essay on the dramaturgy of the audience.

IMAGES by Jesus Ubera