Initially the piece was commissioned for Limen, an exhibition of performance exploring our experience of the Real. It was first performed at TripSpace Projects in collaboration with the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London. This gave us a platform to start working together and present a work in progress.

Tired and confused with the multiple layers of reality that the contemporary world offers (phones, virtual windows, endless amounts of new information and virtual connections) we got together and decided: what would it be if we became astronauts of our own planet? What if we re-approached our bodies and the space as if we did not know how they function anymore? Looking for ways to be curious again, to find new relations from the micro to the macro, from our own skin, hair, organs and limbs to others and the space that this all takes place in. We created a sound score naming places in the body and places in the space. The sound score functions as a thread to connect parts of our bodies to the space and other bodies, animals, objects and all materials existing in the room. Every time this performance takes place we make a new sound score to be site specific to the chosen location.

In our performance score we have set material and improvisation. We use improvisation as a tool of research and connection to real time experiences . To be present, to be able to create a new performance each time, a new relation to each individual person reinforcing audiences and their power of real time action.

A dance work choreographed and performed by Josefina Camus and Pepa Ubera.