In collaboration with the Hayward gallery, Pepa Ubera with TripSpace curated Limen: an off site performance strand to Hayward's exhibition ‘Mirrorcity: London artists on fiction and reality’.

The curation was concieved along Dr Stephanie Rosenthal, Chief Curator of the Hayward Gallery, on the concept and development of LIMEN with a view to bridging the gap between established and underground artistic institutions within the context of the Hayward’s ‘Mirrorcity’.

Limen manifested in a two day durational exhibition of performance that inhabited the different spaces of TripSpace’s venue. The work explored questions such as ‘What is real?’ ‘What are the spaces in between?’ ‘Where is art supposed to fit?’ ‘Where is the audience supposed to fit?’.

The program included physical installations, durational performances, movement, projections, discussions, symposiums and cosy social gatherings. Everyone was invited to bring a (non-precious) object to LIMEN which can be placed and left somewhere in the venue as part of Hidden Space.



4pm - 6:30pm

PATHEMATA - Co-curated by local artists Sammy Patterson and Owen Davey, PATHEMATA is a series of videos and installations that invite the audience to a phenomenological exploration of reality and how absence and the nature of decay in our experiences of places and relationships forms our own unique multi-dimensions via recall. Please scroll down for a full list & description of works*.

Marguerite Galizia: THIS IS A SQUARE: An Escher-esque perspective trick blending live performance with real time video projection, in a commentary on perception, perspective and our notion of what is real. link
Funded by dance digital, the Arts Council England through the National Lottery Funding, and individual donations through the Crowd Funding platform WeDidThis.

Pepa Ubera & Josefina Camus: ELLIPSIS LAND - In times where the optical functions guided by the retina travels through multiple windows we question: How we experience the physical world? How to witness our physical space while currently the virtual space is so relevant? Ellipsis land invites us to reinhabit the space occupied by the body and its surrounding context. The links between the two spaces activate this real- time performance.

Polbrone: FORELOOP BACKLOOP - Polbrone is the new music project of brothers Andrea Salvatici and Simone Salvatici (former of Clorinde). Their music fluctuates between musical improvisation, sound exploration and evolving drones. Polbrone like contrasting effects, melodies that gradually destroy and decay, combining acoustic instruments with digital processing. Inspired by The model of the Adaptive Cycle, derived from the comparative study of the dynamics of ecosystems, the music performance is based on the develop of its main phases and activities which are identified with Foreloop, a slow sequence of exploitation, conservation and accumulation followed by Backloop, a destructive phase that leads to reorganization and renewal. link

6:30pm - 10pm

Anton Mirto: EARNING INNOCENCE /4: Can an everyday reflective material, stand as a metaphor for the multiplicity of identities each of us chooses to embody? Through live making with silver foil, Earning Innocence is an installation performance that explores ideas surrounding - finding and hiding the self and our need for memorialisation. link

Polbrone: FORELOOP BACKLOOP (as above)

Marguerite Galizia: THIS IS A SQUARE (as above)

PATHEMATA (as above)

Marina Collard and Kate Johnson: THE BODY IN AND AS SPACE - Arranging and rearranging twenty dancers, while inviting audience members to move through the evolving performance, Marina and Kate will adjust and explore the building’s interior. The dancers will be active in stirring the space and then stilling to allow the space to become the dominant performative object.


2pm - 5pm

PATHEMATA (as above)

ELLIPSIS LAND (as above)

POLBRONE (as above)

Marina Collard and Kate Johnson: THE BODY IN AND AS SPACE (as above)

Marguerite Galizia: THIS IS A SQUARE (as above)

Charlie Hope: FROM THE ETHER - A kind of digital séance, an electronic ouija board, connected to twenty six participants, searches online social media for information which it spells out through a series of electric shocks. The séance will try to decipher the nature of the communications from the electrical ether. link

5pm - 8pm

PATHEMATA (as above)

Anton Mirto :EARNING INNOCENCE /4 (as above)

Kajsa Wadhia & Maria Stiernborg: THE DISENGAGED FREE JAZZ ORCHESTRA - The performers are confronted with the exhaustion of the possibilities of creativity. Navigating between disorganised junk, schizophrenic intensities and sleepy stones: The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra uses indifference and laziness as a message of resistance and response to a society promoting art as a commodity. They say: Stop stop stop colonizing us with arbitrary capitalist power tricks. Trick that capitalist. Overpower that arbitrariness. Trick that catapultist. Empower that arbitrary power of yours. Your power my power yes power no power. POWOW. POW POW. Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and DOCH. link link

We Are Free: HIDDEN SPACE- The culmination of the collective search party - see ONGOING INSTALLATIONS for more details.

Giuliana Majo: Space Hopping - An interactive installation about the barely imperceptible: the audience performs a journey through an everyday space transformed into a poetical space.

KidsTheseDays : BODYMOUTH - An interactive installation, placed outside the Tripspace toilets: a projected image of a large mouth reacts in real time to the participant’s movements. Pre-recorded speech is reproduced in relation to the size and rate of movement. link

We Are Free: HIDDEN SPACE - Taking place throughout the festival artists and audience are invited to join in a search for the Hidden Space. Shapes, objects and encounters all point the way. Curiosity and intuition is a must. A combination of urban-gaming and participatory discussion, Hidden Space culminates in a collective ‘search party’ on Sunday evening.
EVERYONE IS INVITED to bring a (non-precious) object to LIMEN which can be placed and left somewhere in the venue as part of Hidden Space.

Michael Picknett and Company: WHISPERS - An encounter between two people: performer and audience. Using memory and shared experiences to create moments of personalised performance.
It is possible to share a memory? link

PATHEMATA - 2 of the Pathemata films will be shown on continuous loop in specific locations


In addition to timed performances, this piece will involve free roaming interventions throughout the festival.


*PATHEMATA films & video installations:

Chess Man a video installation by Sammy Patterson and James Matthews
Enter into the house and reality of a former chess champion and look through his things whilst he sleeps and recalls moments from his past.

Robey a film by Craig Bilham and Owen Davey (6min 36sec)
A number of journeys in around the west end of Seven Sisters road and the now derelict Sir George Robey pub, attempting to trace the settings of the recorded poetry of Tim Wells.

Interchange a film by Marc Atkinson (6min 21sec)
Interchange, is an experiment in reflecting on the collision between film forms; from abstraction to representation, the flicker to the long shot. Additionally, it reflects the difficulty with which we attempt to place ourselves physically and emotionally, within the temporal and spatial through the effects of modernism.

Block by Emily Richardson (12min)
Day through night Block is a portrait of a 1960’s London tower block, its interior and exterior spaces explored and revealed, patterns of activity building a rhythm and viewing experience not dissimilar from the daily observations of the security guard sat watching the flickering screens with their fixed viewpoints and missing pieces of action.

Nocturne by Emily Richardson (5min)
Nocturne is a 5 minute film shot entirely at night in deserted streets of the city. The film attempts to find images of London at night that reveal the presence of the past, or the presence of the dead, hinting at its concealed history. It is shot in deserted streets around the east end of London and Docklands as there is a feeling of an echoic city filled with shadows that manifests itself there at night.