The Machine of Horizontal Dreams

The machine of horizontal dreams, it is at the moment an imaginary space that aims to examine the western/male idea of success. The environment in which this event will take place might include movement, video art, social choreography and live sound. The joint activities could be developed in a circular space occupied by the public and the performers, without a hierarchical structure.

Success in western culture is measured in levels of progress; I would like to look deeper into reasons why we consider and visualise progression as a line that grows vertically, even if it is a diagonal. The progression of this line does not include failure or stillness. It makes me wonder how we could have evolved if society would have considered failure as a fundamental tool for growth - including reflection and consideration. Moreover, I am interested in how ideas of success and growth contradict with our environment and nature and how the anthropocene has been a major drive in creating decrease and unease to our Surroundings.