HOME in the service of SCIENCE - Live Installation

Performance, science, architecture and dance: 30 Bird, Public Works and Pepa Ubera bring their artist residency at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) to its climactic end by creating a life installation performance.

The performance centres around a structure made up of a shed of curiosities, the space under the stairs, the parlour, the corridor and the study sitting in the atrium at the LMB building. Inspired by a year of conversations debating architectural ideas of home in the service of science, the event invited the audience to explore the relationship between scientific research and everyday life in an interdisciplinary performance with live music performed by the scientists themselves.


Mehrdad Seyf (30 Bird) & Torange Khonsari (public works)
Design and Construction Coordinator: Mara Weis (public works)
Choreographer: Pepa Ubera
Dancers: Josefina Camus & Fernanda Munoz-Newsome
Producer: Lia Prentaki
Production Manager: Lucy Hansom
LMB Public Engagement: Liz Pryke