ELLIPSIS LAND - Performance

Ellipsis Land is a performance choreographed and performed by Josefina Camus and Pepa Ubera with sound by Simone Salvaticci. The work has been presented at the first TATE's Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights and had two seasons at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London.

"Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality. Technology has become the body’s new membrane of existence ". (1978) Nam June Paik.

Influenced by artists who work with art and technology, we have been researching in order to create a choreographic device where the body interacts with our current reality. Using technology, video and sound, we widen our sense of the space, linking and connecting different elements to create an expanded reality.

Ellipsis Land talks about the relationship between the virtual and the physical realm in our times where technology prevails. We explore the connection between the body and the technology that surrounds it, and look at how we've adapted the way we approach and apprehend our environment. From there we embody and embrace a new reality where our nervous system is in connection with the technological world.

The performance displays the experience of the skin, the sensations, the body as a membrane that interacts with reality as an energetic field that both emanates and receives energy. Using a body language that involves vibrations and repetition, we show the body as a container of energy that navigates through different states of being, expanding the field of sensation into the audience. Through our choreographic language we depict a variety of images from astronauts, insects, seaweed, jellyfish, molecules, geometrical figures, landscapes...

Articulating the organic and the artificial, Ellipsis Land creates a perceptive universe that questions the order of the daily life, in relation to the force of gravity, the body, the architecture and sounds around us

Creation & performance: Josefina Camus & Pepa Ubera
Original music: Simone Salvaticci
Lighting design: Antony Hateley
Dramaturgical advice: Soren Evinson
Photos: Jesus Ubera and Camila Greenway
Video: Tanc Newbury
Coproduced by: Arts Council of England
Supported by: Sadler's Wells Theatre