ELEVEN - Outdoor performance

Why are iron railings so firmly rooted in the British ideal of urban public space? Might the abundance of railings betray particular cultural anxieties about open spaces and their potentials?

This performance and symposium considers the effects and legacy of the wartime (1940s) removal of iron railings from parks and gardens, opening a discussion about public space and accessibility in Bloomsbury and beyond.

Eleven was directed and choreographed by Francisca Rivas and Pepa Ubera and performed by 11 dancers. A performance commissioned by artist Catalina Pollak to highlight the interactive acoustic installation Phantom Railings. This event was part of Camden New Wave Festival -a new arts programme by Camden Council; and conceived as an extension to the public art project Phantom Railings.

Performers: Petra Soor, Fernanda Munoz Newson, Thomas Goodwin, Anne-Gaƫlle Thiriot, Rosalie Wahlfrid, Laura Doelher, Borja Sagasti, Ana Lux, Luis Aros, Francisca Rivas and Pepa Ubera.

Images by Jesus Ubera.